05 October, 2010

ISMF Ramping Up Skimo Racing Exposure

The ISMF has just released this video on Ski Mountaineering Racing, with just a touch of history and cool facts.  Great footage of lots of World Cup races, Pierra Menta, and more racing action.  There is also some great shots of Team Canada, USA, and even Japan as well as the big guns of France and Italy racing in Andorra, Italy, and more countries.  Check it out and maybe there are some facts you didn't know, and if your new to the sport, this will be a great flick that will get you pumped for the season.  With the upcoming season, there is a lot of room for new racers to try the sport, as well as North American's making their mark on the World Cup circuit.

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  1. North American Sections:
    Max Taam (USA) 1:53
    Julie Matteau (CAN) 1:57
    Looking fast NA Racers!