12 October, 2010

Barry Blanchard Presentation

I always get really pumped in the fall season, not only will I be skiing soon, but the anticipation of going hard in the mountains is only multiplied by the amount of ski movies, climbing movies, training, and slideshows that are constantly happening.  There is the usual meld of unbelievable trips mixed with skiing or climbing, or slideshows which fire up my anticipation of snow even more, but nothing as special as a Barry Blanchard presentation.

Saturday November 13th, 2010, Barry Blanchard will be presenting "My Mountain Life," a slideshow from various climbing trips from the Rockies, to Nuptse, to Everest, and more.  The show is at Millenium Place, Whistler BC, at 7:30pm, but show up early at 6pm to schmooze and check out the silent auction to benefit the Brian Ebert Fund.  Tickets are $15.  So come out and check out a legend, and help support a great fund.

Barry's light and fast climbing style, stories, photo's, and routes have been a fantastic inspiration for not only the climbing community but personally myself as a skier.  Skiers should definitely check out this slideshow, as not only climbers will take something away from this show, but anyone who has dedicated their lives to mountain pursuits.    Skiing is still evolving, and we see a huge amount of ideas and climbing style being used and drawn directly from the alpine climbing community, so anyone looking at pushing their limits will benefit from this show.  Hope to see you all out there!  (Photo Right:  courtesy of www.vimff.org)

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