04 October, 2010

Vert 180 Ski Mountaineering Race Announced

First ski mountaineering race of the Canadian Circuit has been announced, and it's brand spanking new to the circuit!  The Vert 180 Ski Mountaineering Race is the idea of Team Canada member Kylee Toth.  It is taking place at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary Alberta on Saturday November 27, 2010 @ 5:30pm.  This means a second night race in Canada, the other being the Tiki Torch Dash in Golden BC, although this one will be spectacularly lit by the night ski light of COP.  But this race is a bit different than other skimo races, and mimics the 24 Hours of Sunlight (now 12 hours of sunlight), but in a "sprint" format of 180 minutes (3 hours). 

Racers will be pushing their limits extremely hard in this format, as their will be little rest for those who are looking to stack up serious amounts of vert in such a short amount of time, and the name of the game is vertical.  Much like 24 Hours of Sunlight, racers can compete Solo, as a 2 person or 4 person team, to squeeze in as much vertical as possible in 180 minutes.  This is a great opportunity for people to come out and try racing for the first time, a new or different challenge, off-season training, or to check out the Canadian Team drooling from being anaerobic for too long.  So if you want to have a great time, and are interested with how much vert you can pump out in 3 hours, come on out and suffer with the rest of us.

Quick Facts:
Date:  November 27, 2010
Time:  Race starts @ 5:30pm and finishes @ 8:30pm
Where:  COP, Calgary, AB
Format:  Solo, 2-person or 4-person Team
Race:  Max Vertical Race
Cost:  $40.00
Register Here or at the Race.


  1. how do we register

  2. There should be a registration form up on the Alpine Club of Canada site shortly. The address for the ACC Skimo Competition is:

  3. Hi, where can I find more information about the race rules for this event and other Canadian events on the schedule? Mandatory gear etc?


  4. Hey Veronica,

    Most races will fall under the standard international rulings that ISMF has setup. Rules can sometimes slightly differ for certain events, but usually remain pretty much the same. All the rules you need, and what the Vert 180 falls under, can be found at http://www.ismf-ski.org/ under the regulation section.

    Expect to carry, beacon, shovel, probe, space blanket, helmet, sunglasses/goggles, clothing (insulation), and skis, boots, bindings, skins. There will be a rule form out shortly on the alpine club of canada site specifically on this race, but hopefully the ISMF rules get you started for everything you need.

  5. Any update on registration for this?


  6. My bad, just found the right form,

    great site BTW