16 January, 2013

Guiding At Whitecap Alpine

There are a few places where everything lines up; terrain, location, snow quality, storm and good stability skiing, good food, etc.  I had the chance to get up to Whitecap Alpine to guide last week and spent an amazing week skiing blower snow in a deep cold Coastal storm, and also under the blue skies of an Arctic Outflow cruising around the high alpine.
(Photo Above:  One of our guests taking his skiing to new heights, Melissa's Run Area, Whitecap Alpine)

The first group of guests were lucky enough to see a solid amount of snow fall under perfect conditions, with little to no wind, on top of a well settled snowpack.  It was exactly what every guide hopes to see from a storm, with little issues in stability and thus able to get high reward skiing in on the steeps.

Among our guests were two professional photographers who took every chance they could to capture amazing images, and also got some amazing lines into their photo spots.  Jonathan Hayward from the Canadian Press had his shots published in the Vancouver Sun (see them here), and Paul 'Harv' Wright was nice enough to toss me a great photo; seen below.  Check out his website at wrightmoment.com.
(Photo Above:  Owner Lars Andrews hard at work, photo Paul Wright)
Our first group of guests were lucky enough to be snowed in at the lodge for an extra day, so while we waited for the helicopter we snuck in some of Chef (and amazing rock climber) Kinley Aitken's amazing food and sampled more deep deep powder.  Each run more amazing than the last.

When the storm finally lifted, and we managed to transfer our new group in, the weather really improved.  Lars Andrews, Joey Vosburgh, and myself ended up taking the crew on a huge loop up one side of the range, around, down, and back up the other side for a mega tour to really visit as much of the tenure as possible.  Conditions were stellar with cold powder, blue skies, and still yet deep trail breaking.
(Photo Above:  Group skinning up for another summit bootpack)
(Photo Above:  Group arriving up high in the alpine on the first day, amazing views in every direction)

Each day we skied thousands of feet of vertical, in an area that could be described as a ski and snowboard touring playground.  If there is one place I am stoked to work and ski, this is it, the possibilities are endless.  Guests were stoked, guides were having a blast, it was the way it should be.  Now after a few days off it's off to TLH for some Heli Skiing!  I'll miss ski touring, Whitecap was amazing.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your photos of these breathtaking views. What a perfect destination to fully practice your skills in skiing.