31 December, 2012

TLH Setup

Just got back from an incredible few days up at work.  The goal of the week wasn't to guide but to get everything ready for when guests arrive.  We ended up flagging helicopter landings throughout the entire tenure, dug snow profiles everywhere possible, and "tested" the snow with our skis as well.
(Photo Above:  Snow info exchange, then.... skiing)

The goal of digging lots of snow profiles is important, and I like to do this myself throughout the beginning and rest of the year so that I can make better plans in regards to avalanche hazard, weather, and terrain.  Areas such as the Whistler Blackcomb area are very different than say for example the Steep Creek Area, Brandywine, or Coquihalla even though they are all in the Coast.  They are all subject to different weather, see different temperatures, snowfall amounts and weights, along with wind and sun.  So flying around the massive tenure is important, just the same as travelling throughout all your regular mountain ranges to gain relevant snowpack information is.
(Photo Above:  Yes this is work, what line to ski?)
(Photo Above:  Ski Tech and Aspirant Guide Ben in the early morning light, already way out in the Ochre Range)
Day 1, we saw a bit of snow around 2cm, and the rest of the day was mostly broken sky.  But we still got lots of stuff done, skied some runs, and dug a bunch of profiles.
(Photo Above:  Our Operation Manager cruising off after we finished our test profile, North of the Dickson Range.)
(Photo Above:  Fasp Peak Couloir, Salal Creek Area)

Day 2, was stellar.  Unbelievably beautiful weather, high quality hero snow, no wind, cold temps, and fuel to burn.  We skied runs in nearly every sub range, dug 10 profiles, ski cut, ate amazing food, checked out some great terrain for potential ski descents, and flagged a large part of the tenure.

This year is looking up to be a great one!  Happy New Year everyone!

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