11 November, 2011

Winter's Here

For most of us in the ski mountaineering world, racing, steep skiing, or otherwise, training is a means to get to our goal for the year.  It's the way we focus our energy, to accomplish what we desire, and is sometimes concentrated on so hard we forget that our end goal isn't nearly worth as much as the time spent working towards it.  Focus is key, but fun is essential to stay on point, in order to continue your motivation.  (Photo Below:  Stano Faban, taking a minute to scope out some of Arcalis, Andorra's insanely cool terrain during the 2010 Skimo World Championships)

The start of the season is here.  The snow is falling, training is ramping up more and more, it's time to get out there.  This year, explore more new terrain, go train places you've never trained before, don't train in the same spot each day, use different skis and boots, ski different conditions, and most importantly make a point to learn.  Ski Mountaineering is amazing, it's a lifestyle we live, and can take you anywhere you want if you give it the chance.  See you in the hills this season.

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