27 August, 2011

The Truths About Backcountry Skiing

Any others you can think of?


  1. 14. You will become a gearhead, no matter how hard you try not to...you will succumb.
    15. Your life will improve and your non-backcountry friends will think you are 'extreme'. You might even get laid more often.

  2. Great extras!
    16. If even just a bit of snow starts to fly in the early season, you start to talk about how awesome the winter is going to be, and that it's going to start super early. It usually comes months after, as snow really doesn't stay Sept 1st.
    17. Skiing will take you all over the continent and world, and exploring new areas never gets old.
    18. You have an entire bookmark folder for all your skiing related needs, that is if they aren't already up when you start you browser.

    Oh and yes, I was that person (#2) in Rogers Pass on Sunday, holding up traffic staring at the new snow in the mountains, going 70 in a 90 zone.

  3. Did you write that Alex? Very creative, and funny!

  4. Yep, maybe I'll make more throughout the winter since everyone seems to like it!

  5. 19. You have a very accurate gram scale on your kitchen table. But you're not a drug dealer.

    20. 100% of your stored eBay searches contain the word "Dynafit"

    21. You can discuss the merits of diagonal "ski carry" vs A-Frame for an hour. Without pausing to finish your beer.

    22. You own ski crampons for both Dynafit & Diamir, as well as several other types that are binding-agnostic.