11 April, 2011

Trip Planning With Some More Skiing

Winter is still here, and snow is continuing to fall, so the wait for spring conditions has been pushed back.  The ever growing Whistler backcountry base has transformed the terrain where cliffs have become rolls, and different variations are getting fun to play on.  In preparation for spring touring, we've been heading out training, and keeping fit for when the sun decides to show it's face for more than a day.  That being said, the day's we've had skiing in the sun have been terrific.  (Photo Left:  Heidi Savage training on the Stairmaster Couloir)

Quick mornings, or getting out at the crack of noon to avoid the white-out snow squalls, has been name of the game.  The main goal has been to continue training, right up until the conditions firm up, with a good melt-freeze cycle to solidify the snowpack and make fast travel.  The main goals this year will be a big speed traverse, as well as a new enchainment here in the Coast Range.

Organizing and planning for a big single push effort is much like getting ready for a multi-week trip, but planned down to perfection.  There is no guess work, no rest, your pace is always quickly moving forward, and to focus on your main concern which is keeping your body functioning on a high level for a long period of time.  So to make sure everything is set, and to check the conditions, and crux's of just a sliver of one of the routes I headed out with Heidi to do the Triple Threat Enchainment.  (Photo Below:  Heidi Savage coming of Mt Pattisons Shoulder, after skiing Trorey's East Face)

The Triple Threat is just a quick afternoon enchainment, which links Mt Pattison, Mt Trorey, and Mt Decker in the Spearhead Range.  It also provides fantastic views of the Spearhead, and has some great skiing.  The Coast Range's glaciers have filled in extremely well this year, making it a great season for people to get out for a long spring multi-week trip or just a quick Spearhead Traverse.   I won't ramble on, but when the weather clears, this should be a great spring.  Don't put those skis away yet! (Photo Below:  Back of the Spearhead Range)

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