08 January, 2010

First Spearhead Of The Year

I was suppose to work today, but last night Craig dropped by and asked if I was still working Thursday.  After saying "ah that's too bad I wanted to go do the Spearhead," I couldn't help myself and had to skip work or at least show up late to get out there.  I hadn't been out on the Spearhead this year, and haven't heard of anyone out there yet, although I'm sure someone's gone for it.  Another day for Long Slow Distance training was exactly what I wanted, and with okay weather with slower travel conditions, we were prepped for a great long day.  I had just wrote another post on the Spearhead too, charging me up.  

I met Craig, Keith, Mike, and Marcus at the Dublin at 8:15am, and we headed up the lifts into the alpine (yeah I know lift accessed traverse, lazy). and off we went.  To forgo the regular handful of photos, I put together a small video to go with today's post, enjoy!


  1. Love the ending! The next thing you need to do is get one of those go-pro cameras and do a full time lapse video of the entire traverse!

  2. Great comments, thanks guys! I will have to put more movies up in the future.