14 January, 2010

Chic Scott Slideshow And Alex Wigley Fundraiser - Update!

Chic Scott is coming to town, and he's doing a slideshow.  On January 22nd, 9:00pm, The Escape Route (Whistler, BC) is hosting it.  There will be beer, appitizers, schwag, and good friends.  It is also doubling as a fundraiser for your faithful Ski Theory host, Alex Wigley, to provide some much needed donations going towards racing in the World Cup and Pierra Menta.  Tickets are $10.00 at the door, and can also be purchased before hand, as space is limited.

If you aren't familiar with Chic Scott, he is one of Canada's mountain grandfathers.  He's written an incredibly detailed book on the history of mountaineering in Canada, a Ski Touring guidebook of the Interior and Rockies, and now also a great book on the life of mountain guide Hans Gmoser to name a few.  He has numerous other publications, ranging from books about the Himalayas, Canadian Alpine Journal trip reports, and great stories of mountain adventures.


  1. As I am heading to Rockies tomorrow I am reading Chic's book all the time recently, and once again.

    Anyone that has a chance to see this slideshow go. Chic's pioneering is amazing.

  2. He definitely is one to see. Keep an eye on Escape Route, as they are trying to put on a regular slideshow, and host the greats every now and then! It's cheap, fun, and has lots of great cheap beer!