06 February, 2010

Sunshine 5000 Results

Having missed the Sunshine 5000 race this week, due to a broken down car and buying a new one, I was forced to relegate myself to some punishing intervals.  I watched for the results closely, as I was hoping to see the rest of the Canadian Team hammering strong.  In the Men's:
1st:  Reiner Thoni (CAN)
2nd:  Brandon French (USA
3rd:  Stano Faban (CAN)

The Women's:
1st:  Melanie Bernier (CAN)
2nd:  Billie Velisek (CAN)
3rd:  Julie Matteau (CAN)

Great work everyone, looks like Canada is getting faster and faster as the year goes on, and will be strong in the World's this March.

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