09 February, 2010

Matier Twin One Couloir Variation

These past few days have been hard to keep posting content, and rightfully so, the Coast has some of the best conditions for ski mountaineering right now!  Having a good crew of people to head out with, Lee Lau, James McSkimming, Paul Cordy, and myself headed up the Duffey to ski the Twin One Couloir from the summit of Mt Matier.  Having skied the Twin One before I knew what to expect once we were in the Couloir, but was stoked to ski it from the summit, as it truly is a very aesthetic line.  The Twin One, is usually skied by climbing up to the last skiable point, but today we wanted to experience the full line. (Photo Left:  Paul Cordy on Matier summit ridge)
(Photos Above:  James McSkimming On Matier Sub Summit)
We kept the pace steady, with few stops, and were on top of Mt Matier early.  With time to spare, we sent James and Paul across to the sub-summit to ski a line into the North Face.  Being above all the clouds, and only Mt Wedge and Mt Currie pointing out in the distance we had great visibility.  However, as soon as the clouds broke below us, we headed straight for our objective for the day.

Skiing down off the summit, the snow was less than optimal, as it was mostly just Rime.  But getting below the ridge into more protected areas, it was just hero snow.  Using the ridge as a hand rail as the cloud came back in, and skiing some great snow, we came out on top of the Twin One Couloir.  Just as predicted, it required a rappel, and with some rigging we were set to go.  (Photo Left:  Twin One Couloir Line From The Summit, photo credit:  Lee Lau)
(Photo Below Right:  James McSkimming on rappel)

Paul rapped in first, followed by Lee, then James, and last myself.  Stoked to be in the Couloir, we weren't really ready to ski yet, as the slope below us cliffed out, and required one more rappel.  Trying to get it all done before the sun disappeared, we laughed about how much time we had earlier, and the extra skiing we put in  as an appetizer before the main course.  In the fading light, we clicked in to our binding, and dropped in to more hero snow.  Skiing down, and watching the sluff pour off the cliff at the bottom, was great!  Super fun skiing, and burning in the legs, all the way down to the valley below.

Needless to say, by the time we hit the bottom, we had our headlamps on.  Skiing out in the dark on the Duffey is quite usual, especially when the conditions are so good!
(Photos Below:  Alex Wigley skiing the Twin One, and The Line from the Summit.  Photo Credit:  Lee Lau)


  1. Thanks man! Super good day for shooting photos, can't wait for more days in the mountains, this year is amazing so far!