18 February, 2010

The Last Tour.... Before Europe

I had originally decided to ski all the way through to my flight to Europe, but after skiing today, and realizing how much stuff I had to do I was forced to withdraw from my plans.  But the day we had yesterday was fantastic, and full of good training, and skiing. (Photo Right:  Paul Cordy slashing some amazing hero snow)

I met up with Craig McGee, Paul Cordy, Jeff Van Driel, and Steve Sellers (Skimo Team Canada) who was visiting from Canmore for the Olympics.  We were fairly indecisive with our ideas of what to ski, as we were unsure of stability, and what we could actually do.  After skinning up to "Don't Swell," and getting a few test turns in, we were stoked and hammered over to the Chamonix Chutes to ski down.  Hero snow and high pressure has been the common theme for this year, something we've been waiting for a few seasons.
After skinning up the Decker glacier, we dropped into 9th hole, and rocked down slashing turns off the big wind lip.  While skinning up Photographer Vince Shuley's ski model dropped into a beautifully lit up rib of snow of the side of Decker putting some beautiful turns in, where we snagged some shots as well.  (Photo Above:  Spot the Sunlit Skier)

Back up just as quick, we headed over to Chisel Chute, a low Chute further down off Decker's North Ridge.  The sluff was moving pretty quick, but easily manageable, but made the line so much more fun to ski.  Everyone stoked to ski these lines we had no idea would be possible to ski with the surface hoar buried in the new snow.  (Photo Left:  Paul Cordy skiing down the Chisel)

Burning a long ascent back to the summit of Decker, summiting for the second time.  With the day coming to an end, and everyone stoked with the snow, we skied out the "Y" on our way out.  The conditions really have been the best they've been in years, and today was just another day proving it.

Now it's off to the airport tomorrow, and will be in Barcelona by Saturday evening, with James Minifie and Stano Faban.  Stoked I actually had a minute to pack in between skiing, and traveling.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots of crazy racing action, and posts while we're competing in Europe, as well as skiing in our free time!

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