23 February, 2010

Andorra - The First Post

Finally here in Andorra, after a long few days of traveling in an area where there is no information, and have taken almost every mode of transportation so far.  James Minifie, Stano Faban, and I flew out to Barcelona Spain a few days ago.  We stayed in Barcelona, a block away from the jail, but at least in a respectable hotel.  Then jumped on a series of buses to Soldeu, Andorra, where the Relay race is going to take place during the 2010 Skimo World Championships.  (Photo Left:  Flying Over The Andorran Pyrnees)

So after three days of travel, and situating ourselves, we finally get to ski!  Heading out, after scoring a free breakfast at our hotel, down the tiny Soldeu Streets to the base of the mountain we tossed our skins on checking out the massive lift network that is Gran Valira.  And in classic renegade style, we went up without a lift past, skinning from the base to the alpine.  With not nearly the same amount of snow we're used to in Canada, we had to chose our descent very wisely, as only the leeward sides were filled in enough to ski (at least the better steep terrain).  Snow depth put aside, we've been so stoked to be out skiing halfway around the world, and found the steeper lines in the resort right off the bat.  (Photo Right:  James Minifie heading though the tiny streets to get to the mountain)

On our second day of skiing, an interval training day, we headed up in our Canadian Colors to get a feel for the climate and to see if any changes needed to be made for race day.  James and myself hammered 3 10x10 intervals to the top, while Stano did 4 7x7's lower down.  Everyone's been feeling the jet lag, and isn't yet 100%, but know that we do have the time to recover.  Training smart is the big topic of the week.  Making sure we are well rested, fueled up, and recover well for the next week is incredibly important.  While training, we'll be heading over the Individual course tomorrow, and getting to know the fastest/slowest or easiest/hardest spots to make sure we race as best as possible.  Today's small interval session was a small reminder to the punishment in the coming days and weeks.  (Photo Left:  James Minifie, in classic renegade style skinning up the groomers, between the first 10x10 interval)

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