17 November, 2009

Double World Championships Due To Year Shift

A shift in the annual timing of the Ski Mountaineering Championships was introduced by the ISMF recently.  It was decided that the World Championships would occur on odd years (2011) and the European Championships were to fall on even years (2012).  This gives us two World Championships back to back, as the European Championships in Claut, Italy, will be a World Championships!  The reasoning behind this decision is to help avoid World Championships and the Olympics happening the same year. 

This year, the Olympics in Whistler, are going on at the same time as the World Championships in Andorra.  This shift in the annual schedule is a great strategic decision on the ISMF's part.  It frees up more media coverage for our sport, and will allow it to get the publics full attention, and perhaps build a stronger case to introduce Ski Mountaineering Races into the Olympic Games.  The World Cup race this year in Claut will be a test event for the area, as to see how things will work, and what needs to be done.  The 2012 European Championships and change in schedule will be announced shortly, as to who will be officially hosting, and when it is taking place.

It looks as if we Canadians are going to be making our way back over to Europe for some more racing hopefully.  This change in scheduling will also benefit North America, as Canada and the U.S. will be able to prove we are strong competitors and that Skimo Racing is a world wide sport.  

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