15 November, 2009

Dawn Patrol

My ski pass hasn't kicked in yet, not until Nov 26th, so I don't have any skiing luxuries such as lifts, gondola's, and such.  All the better, training is what I want, I can get lazy taking the lifts another day.  With the first race of the season coming up soon, I need to get my legs used to doing the large amounts of elevation gain I couldn't get cross training.

Ty, and I, met up 6:00am to get some vertical before work.  It has been snowing, hard, for the past week or so.  We already have a 100cm base, and with 150cm coming by Thursday, things are looking pretty good.  Keep in mind although skiing powder is great, take it easy as with the large amounts of snow we're getting combined with big winds and rising freezing levels, we'll be sure to see some larger avalanche activity in the near future.  That being said, after all this crazy weather this week, Whistler should have a pretty well set up base.

Skinning up, the coverage was great being on skins, but I wouldn't want to ski down lower than 1000m as creeks and rocks were still poking through in some spots.  Breaking trail, sometimes boot top deep, was good work.  We moved slower than usual, due to the lack of grooming on anything in our path.  Skinning till the wind got too burly, we skied back down, and off to work!

I also tested out Heidi's energy bites, which are 100% raw, and all organic ingredients.  I'm stoked to test different foods for long days in the mountains.  I've been an energy gel guy for so long, and during long days it's important to also get solid food, so I will bring a different bar (store bought or home made) every training session to weed out the ones that don't work and the ones that do.  If you eat garbage, you'll perform like garbage, I want to be fast.

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