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(2011 Canadian Championships, Photo: Jana Skerlak)

I am a ski mountaineer through and through.  Every aspect of it is beautiful in it's own way.  From travelling through large expanses of terrain quickly, skiing down lines which seem improbable, most importantly pushing my body and what is possible on skis.

I have been racing for Team Canada on the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team (member 2009-2012), racing in North America, as well as in Europe on the World Cup, but am now taking a break for a year or so to concentrate on guiding and steep skiing.  I have found that racing continues to drive me to push my endurance and speed to higher levels, all while building an even stronger base for steep skiing, enchainments, and speed traverses.  Living in in the Sea To Sky Corridor (BC), has allowed me the perfect setting to train and get out in the mountains on a daily basis, ensuring a constant focus on this lifestyle.

Alex Wigley, Central Couloir, Mt Joffre
Working as a guide in the winter, has been the only way for me to spend all my professional time in the mountains, and not just my personal time.  It's incredibly rewarding bringing people to new places, experience new traverses and descents, while being out in BC's wildest mountain ranges.

Ski Theory has been a great way for me explore deeper into the culture and sport of Ski Mountaineering.  With photography and words; my goal is to only put forward relevant information regarding skiing, training, racing, and anything worthwhile knowing on the website, as well as to inspire.  It has also been a goal to increase the exposure of big remote long distance speed traverses, such as the McBride Traverse (done in a day), which I believe is the future of Ski Mountaineering, especially while combined with summits and ski descents.  Although I have designed the site with a slight elitist point of view, I hope that everyone can take something away from it, and use the information to push their craft more.

Go Fast,
Alex Wigley
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