23 March, 2014

Guiding At Whitecap Alpine

February was a busy month, so was March, and generally the whole winter.  One of the most fun weeks of guiding I've had this winter was at Whitecap Alpine.  Whitecap has an amazing mix of tree skiing, alpine tours, peaks, and long circuits to complete.
(Photo Above:  Whitecap under the stars)
The poor start of the season definitely didn't help stability for the long term of the winter, but that didn't stop us from finding great skiing, and staying safe.  The group I was guiding was a great mix of strong skiers, fit athletes, and hilarious antics that kept us laughing through the whole week.  The week's weather started out cold, turned incredibly warm, then cold again keeping the guiding very interesting and the sleuthing for good snow tricky but not impossible.
(Photo Above:  Guests staying cool in hero snow on a warm day that shouldn't have felt like spring.)
Among the many circuits we did, I finally got a chance to take people up the super cool Mt McGillivary.  The snow that day wasn't perfect, but it was our last day, so instead of scratching around in pockets of hero snow we went for the summit.  After a long skin, we dropped our skis, and boot packed up the ridge to the tiny summit, looking down over many other mountains on the way up.
(Photo Above:  The group coming up the last few feet of the summit ridge.)
Ultimately, we skied and saw a large portion of the tenure, going somewhere new everyday.  We skied great snow, got on some peaks, had a hilarious figure eight competition, drank beer, ate great dinners, and had a great time.  It's always such a pleasure to guide at Whitecap.  If you haven't been, it's really worth checking out!

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