15 March, 2011

The White Room

Patrol lunch run, DOA (Dead On Arrival) Couloir, Blackcomb

As of March 15th in Whistler, there has been 1310cm or 516" of snow this season, it's been a deep year.  Over 80 days so far of backcountry blower, breaking trail, and big elevation gain and loss.  The constant challenge of trying to blindly make our way through the white-out, navigating through crevasse-bands, and through big avalanche terrain is interesting especially when you can't tell the ground from the sky.  (Photo Below:  Matt Francis getting a "break" in the weather, Flute, Whistler)

But there is an end in sight.  There is finally sun in the forecast.  Most people may think this is crazy to be stoked for the snow to stop snowing (just for a while), but being able to climb a large peak, ski steep lines, and generally getting after it has been on hold while Mother Nature delivers the goods.

So which do you prefer, deep blower tree skiing, or steep ski mountaineering?  I guess for me, it's just what I haven't skied in a while.


  1. "So which do you prefer, deep blower tree skiing, or steep ski mountaineering?"

    BOTH. Now crawl out of the ski tech room and come play

  2. Out everyday! Take some mid-week days off, so we can rip it!

  3. I'm ready for some sunfun. I've had a very good look at so many tree glades the past three weeks I'd like to see if my eyes still focus further than 10m.

    Not complaining mind you. We have some of the best trees anywhere still mega-deep and filled in...