03 January, 2011

Soloing - A Reminder For What's Out There

Recently, just on a whim, I had the chance to get out in the mountains before work to solo the Banana Chute  on Mt Fissile (Pictured And Marked Above). Banana Chute is an aesthetic line I've skied numerous times, but never solo.  After skiing weeks of powder due to avalanche conditions, I believe the season is starting and objectives are now available to get done, in regards to stability.  Fissile woke up that mental process of thinking about ski mountaineering, even though it is not a major checklist in my mind, the very real possibility of dying is there if care is not taken and respect must be paid.
(Photo Above:  A group of four, headed to Fissile, on my way out)
However, being on my own, on a mountain that has nearly killed a few of my friends, I can remember what lies ahead.  The big mountains, bigger ranges, and the thought of going far.  I don't want to think of the mountains in a singular fashion, but in a grander, larger scale.  Hopefully, you can decipher the ideas to which I am hinting at, but just know that the little light is on for this seasons list of goals.  I'll leave it at that, to think about what is out there, and get stoked.  (Total Time:  3.5 hours with return)


  1. I took some pics of a party last Friday descending Banana Chute .. proceeding very carefully. They kept to the skier's left ridge. Also two from the party that did N Face of Cheakamus last Thursday came down Banana Chute as well.

    How's the coverage?

  2. Great coverage actually. I opted off two separate descents on Fissile, the NE Face and NW Face, as they both had some wind effect. Because of the reverse loading we recently receiver, NW Face has a large convexity and rocky area off the spine which divides it and the Banana. I didn't want to push the snowpack, so Banana was the best choice I think. A bit more protected, with some pockets of windslab, which were easily avoidable. Note all these faces do have some glide cracks and/or old crowns on them which may surprise some skiers.

    I believe it was Sky Sjue skiing Cheakamus and Banana last week.

  3. 3.5hrs from the top of Whistler or via singing pass?

  4. Top of Whistler, return to the village via Singing Pass. Nice snack break in the sun, beautiful day.