17 May, 2010

Attempt #5 On A Unicorn Of A Line

Unicorn - A fabled un-capturable creature.

There is a line that has continued to elude me, and thwart any attempts I make, here in the coast.  Every time, a slew of problems develop from conditions, to stability, to anything really.  I found myself driving out into the mountain with Jason Kruk last night, going for what we hoped would be a first descent on this line, at midnight to be on top of it as the sun came up.  We started skinning, after only 15 min of hiking through the start of the trail, at around 12:30.  Making good time we stopped to check the map to see if our timing was going to work for us.  But seeing the elevation profile, became worried about the isothermal snow we were beginning to encounter.  After checking and deliberating our options, we were forced to make the call, and head down.  (Photo Above:  Heading out on Duffey Lake Road)

Ski-Mountaineering can be hard in so many ways.  To be persistent and continue picking yourself up again to go on and try again is important to succeeding with these bigger lines.  But also to have to patience to wait for the right time, even after traveling one or two days, or like last night leaving at midnight.  This has been a three year and counting journey for this line, I hope that one day I'll get a chance to ski it.  Until then I'll just keep trying... 

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