03 March, 2010

World Championships 2010 Individual Race

It was the Individual Race today, in the Andorra Ski Mountaineering World Championships.  The race was shortened a bit, due to poor weather, and a dumping of new snow.  The race course although shortened, was everything a World Cup race course is expected to be, fast pace and painful.  The Canadians dropped the hammer again, but the Spanish and French had an unbelievable pace, that we couldn't match  Coming from North America where you will finish in the top ten, or top Tier, you will notice a big gap between the top Tier and you on the Wolrd Cup.  A big congratulations goes out to Melanie Bernier again for coming 19th in the Womens division.  (Photo Below:  Julie Matteau in Transition, photo from Skimo.org)
Top Three Results
1.  Florent Troillet (CH)
2.  Kilian Jornet (ES)
3.  Didier Blanc (FR)

1.  Laetita Roux (FR)
2.  Roberta Pedranzini (IT)
3.  Francesca Martinelli (IT)

In the overall rankings, Canada is ranked at 12th, up a spot now from 13th.  The US Team made a strong effort today as well.  Pete Swenson, Brandon French, Travis Scheefer and Max Taam had great final results as well.  North America is coming in strong!  The next race Team Canada will be racing will be the Teams course on the March 5th in Arcalis.  
More at Golden Skimo here, and Skimo here.

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