11 February, 2010

New Race! The Esplanade Epic

Ski Mountaineering racing in Canada is moving along really well right now.  But with the introduction of a new race, The Esplanade Epic, we are seeing a massive upgrade in the quality and variety of racing.  The new race is hosted by Golden Alpine Holidays, and takes place on April 10th.  What makes this race so beautiful and cool, is that it is 100% backcountry, and is a high mountain alpine traverse in the Northern Selkirks. 

Registration is due by March 19, 2010.  It is $200.00 CAD, and includes a helicopter ride in/out, 1 nights accommodation, and enough racing terrain to make you see colors.  There will be a website which will be announced shortly, and Ian Gale will probably be the first to have information on it.  Get stoked!

Contact Info:


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