26 February, 2010

Canillo 2010 Teams Course Pre-Run

With the last few days of our training left before resting and recovering for the Individual race, we decided to go scout the Teams Course, which James and Stano will be racing later in the week.  An epic trip, taking three buses, and hitchhiking the last 14km to Arcalis we didn't have the time to skin the entire course.  But we did get a great look at it, as well as got new information from the Andorran Team as to where a potential change in the course may happen.  A few racers from the Spanish Team were out exploring the course as well, and seemed really excited to hammer it.  (Photo Right:  James Minifie on the first climb up to Pereguils Peak)

The first climb winds up from La Coma (2230m), through some winding benches, and up some rocky ridges. The snow coverage here, is considerably better than Soldeu and Grau Roig, and terrain far more dramatic.  A potential change to the course will be a bootpack up a rocky rib to the top of Pereguils Peak, rather than the previously planned route skinning up and around the rib.  We'll just have to wait and see what the ISMF organizers decide on come race day.  (Photo Left:  Stano Faban topping out on the possible new bootpack)
After climbing Pereguils Peak, we dropped back down to La Coma, and decided to keep skiing.  We skinned up to a small peak across the valley, near Pic D'Arcalis.  A quick bootpack across the ridge, and we dropped into an alpine bowl skiing back down, to where we had stashed our shoes.  Refueling at the base of the hill, and a quick coffee, we began our bus finding epic back to Soldeu.  P.S it was way easier the second time!  (Photo Right:  Stano Faban checking out the valley below.  Photo Below:  Teams Race Course from Canillo2010)

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