23 January, 2010

New Revamped Dynafit Low Tech's

With new crazy light versions of "tech" bindings out on the market, companies like ATK, Colibri, Merreli, Montura, etc, really had the race market in a new era of lightweight gear.  Dynafit has met the demand, of insanely light gear, and ramped up the competition between companies with the revamped version of the Low Tech's.  Weighing in at 117g per binding (toe and heel), the sleek new design is hard to miss.  I had seen the new version awhile ago, while Dynafit had been keeping it undercover and hush hush, but now that the Outdoor Retailer show is going on it's available for the world to discover.  I asked Pete Swenson to get some closeups for this post.

The heel, using the previous year's Low Tech's as a jumping off point, has a reduced weight.  Shaving the weight down was acheived by taking off more material, keeping the overall structural integrity strong, and reducing the 4 hole mounting pattern to only 3 screws much like the Merreli R8.  The flap, or walk mode latch, is not longer plastic but an insanely lightweight metal.  Now no announcements have been made about the exact materials being used for each part, but they include Titanium, Magnesium, Steel, and Aluminium.  One advantage of three screws, other than weight, will be for ski techs as mounting these will be much more simple as you will be able to mount the rear mid screw first to line up the binding with ease.  In other words there will be less chance of a mis-mount.

Looking at the toe design will get you even more stoked.  The toe automatically locks when you step into the system, which ATK's are known for, and also has 1 less screw in its mounting pattern.  The toe excenter piece is also no longer plastic, but CNC'd out of a yet to be announced metal, ensuring that while racing there is less chance of cracking the toe excenter. 

Make sure to puchase these with the Super Race Screw kit, saving an additional 11.7g, which have been made out of Titanium.  Yet another bullseye from the brand that continues to dominate, and illustrate the limitations of other non "tech" systems in the field.  I am stoked to ski these next year.

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