08 November, 2009

Stay Tuned...

    The off-season is not welcomed.....usually.  It is best used training, and not squandering the fruits of your winters labor, and is great for punishing your body in many different ways.  Cross-training and even sport specific training mostly with a heavier pack and climbing rack help get us used to heavier loads, making race or light and fast packs seem like nothing, everything building strength for the upcoming season.  Running long days, in heat, and through the rainy season to keep a decent race pace for the winter, all while dreaming of training in the snow, and exploring new mountain ranges.  
Left:  Jeff Van Driel on FA "Summer Tourist"
    Time to stop wishing, its here for those people who want it, and who want to pluck those sweet early season turns in exchange for some hard work.  At least you can see how that long summer of slogging up approaches and long training sessions will pay off.  See you in the mountains..... stay tuned.

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