27 October, 2009

World Championships Are Near

The World Championships are nearly here. I've already started my countdown, I know the rest of the National Team has their tickets, and are training hard. Winter is going in some spots in Canada, but not everywhere, some people are skiing, and some are not. I've even heard some reports of good ice climbings so far.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ski Mountaineering World Championships, this year they are located in Pyrenees Mountains in Andorra, and hosted by Gran Valira resort. The Teams race will be in Arcalis though.  The European Championships were hosted in Andorra in 2005, so racers can expect a fantastic and savage course, as years previous. (photo:  www.skimo.org)

Team Canada will be approx 12 people or so, thats all I can say for now, an official press release will be out soon. The Golden Skimo Team, also members of the Canadian Team have been givin 'er with their training, and are pumped as well.
To keep the stoke going strong, here are two movies from the Canillo 2010 website, from previous races in Andorra, and what to expect.

The Countdown is on....  124 days and counting.

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